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People on WWW-KR

There are many members in WWW-KR. Some are students, researchers and in company. Their background is various in major, degree and position. They have ONE consensus for internet society. Would you meet them?

Member Directory

Under Construction.... (Maybe July, 1998)

Chairman Group

Kim, Yong-Woon, QKim
PEC (Protocol Engineering Center), ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute)

Sit the chair, WWW-KR since 1995

Lim, Hwan
Department of Information & Communication System, Korea Institute of Science and Technology
Sit the chair, WWW-KR Seoul 1996
  Lim, Hwan-Sup
Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Pusan University of Foreign Studies
Sit the chair, WWW-KR Pusan since 1997
Kim, Sung-Hun
Dept. of Computer Engineering, Taegu University
Sit the chair, WWW-KR Taegu since 1997

Secratary Group

Chief Secratary: Kangchan Lee (
Dept. of Computer Engineering, Chungnam National University
Financial, meeting management and press release
Technical Administration: Byunghak Kim (
Dept. of Computer Science, KAIST
Administration of a domain name, web server and mailinglist
Webmaster : Seokchan Yun (
GIS Research Institute, Handong University
Administration of homepage and update
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